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Want to lodge a complaint keeping your identity safe? Click here to file a grievance without registering or identifying yourself. However, please do note that anonymous submissions get lower priority than grievances filed by registered users, and neither will you be notified of any updates.

Public Reports

Public Reports

Click here to view publicized reports on performance and statistical figures on how each ministry is doing. The people can now judge which ministry is performing best in handling grievances! Because, after all, its by the people, of the people and for the people!


A brief overview about Grievance Redress System

Grievance redress system is nothing but an institutionalized and organized method consisting of specified roles, rules, and procedures for systematically resolving complaints, grievances, disputes, or conflicts. Grievance redress system provide a way to reduce risk for public service delivery, provide an effective avenue for expressing concerns and achieving remedies for public, and promote a mutually constructive relationship. The aim of this is to develop a range of procedures to facilitate airing, and resolution of grievances in a non-threatening, supportive environment. Learn More >>

What you need to do

Quick steps that you need to do to file a grievance

  • Register to GRS System
  • Log on to your control panel
  • Click "Submit New Grievance" link from your control panel
  • Select from the list of ministries, where you want to submit
  • Fill up the form with required fields detailing your complaint or uploading documents / images or multimedia evidence
  • Click Submit! Its as simple as that!
PS: You would recieve SMS and Email confirmation on each updated stage of your field grievances. So please make sure that you provide correct mobile number and email address.

Need Help?

Here are a few help files that can guide you through the process

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